Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Team Young Life Adventures all dressed in polk-a-dots completes century fundraiser #1!  What a day it was riding 100 miles in Chico, CA and the surrounding area.  My expectations were exceeded multiple times...  First of all Chico is way more beautiful that I anticipated.  Riding 100 miles is challenging but not as punishing as a marathon, therefore I feel like I want to ride another century some time.  The food at the rest stops was incredible and they were frequent (PTL).  Best of all was the group that I got to ride with.  All of us riding to support a program that has changed my life and has changed the lives of hundreds of teenagers every summer.   It was truly a gift to ride with the Thomsens!
As I rode up hills by myself sucking wind, just trying to make it I was struck by the surrounding area, how majestic it was and how I was looking forward to joining the group again to enjoy what we were doing together.  I didn't want to finish the race alone and the Lord knew that.  I was able to ride the last 40 miles with 8 other people from our group.  That was the highlight of my ride, going through the flats with our polk-a-dots in full force passing so many people and talking about life together.  It was a great lesson in team work as I couldn't have ridden that fast into town on my own.  Two guys carried the group by letting us draft behind them.  Thanks Thomsen bros!  Also so fun to ride alongside Courtney for 40 miles, sharing in one more adventure together!   
So here's to athletic insanity, the Kingdom of God growing in the hearts of kids and the wonderful feeling of accomplishment.  It will surely happen again!

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