Monday, October 19, 2009

Reading Good Writing

I'm a recent subscriber of the New York Times Sunday Edition. With every sentence that my eyes take in I think I can literally feel my brain cells reproducing themselves! Not only are the stories fascinating they are encouraging, challenging and speak to my heart. New insight into world affairs, a delightful story about a dog helping one person love another well, a daughter finding simple ways to show her mom she loves her. For so long I thought the Times, and most papers for that matter, all should be called The Middle East Daily Digest or something because that's all that I thought was in them. I have been proven wrong and have found great anticipation fill my soul as I awake on Sunday morning knowing that all of these peoples lives are waiting for me in a little blue plastic bag. To think that their lives are typed up on paper that later will be incinerated, thrown on the ground with an unknown fate, vulnerable to the elements is far more than can be expected for many of our stories. But their stories are so rich, so beautiful and life giving. I wish my story was left at the bottom of the steps for someone to read...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seaside Thinking

Two years passed
Life and light gone so quick
Faithfulness like the crashing of waves
Persistance unchanged

Grief and sorrow
Tears fall like rain
The heart grows as watered with pain
Brokenness produces fruit

Inching closer, the coming tide
Ready to wash away
The power rips the sand away
come closer, so close