Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I was asked today what my inspiration has been lately.  What am I listening to on my iPod?  Who or what is motivating me to become more than I am currently?  I didn't really have a great answer.  I don't think a great answer was expected, but I certainly felt at a loss when something didn't just fly into my brain and out my mouth.  I have now spent the last hour or so thinking about what inspires me.  
I am most inspired by people.  Not first by what they produce but who they are.  Seeing people live out their convictions in a way that is an investment in the betterment of society is an inspiration to me.  Maybe I need to start with my convictions rather than my desire to be inspired.  Nonetheless... I am inspired by athletes who choose to do seemingly impossible things.  I want to be like them in only 10% of their abilities and I feel satisfied.  I am inspired by authors, oh how I long to write eloquently.  I want to inspire through writing.  I am inspired by others in Young Life reaching the next kid and loving them unconditionally.  The potential for future possibilities of life are inspiring.  Music, how I love music and how it moves me to experience emotions I didn't know I had.  Movies move me to action.  
Nothing motivates me more than the connection I have with a few people.  My friends who are not afraid of their convictions and callings and who run full force towards that call.  The friends who aren't afraid to be themselves and to love in an inspirational way.  You motivate me.  You make me want to be more than who I am currently.  Thank you.  

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