Saturday, April 11, 2009


This weekend 9 current Young Life kids and 2 former YL kids are being baptized!  What a way to celebrate Easter!  One of my high school friends and I were sitting at the top of the Broadway tunnel looking out over the city talking about life and baptism.  What a privilege it is to take the journey with teenagers into new life in Christ.  It is truly amazing to see God's faithfulness through the kids desire to be baptized!  
It has reminded me of when I was baptized.  The moment of feeling like the Holy Spirit met me in his fullness as I was immersed in water.  It was so personal, like Jesus was pulling me out of the water and telling me that he loved me.  It was a beautiful gift of intimacy between my Savior and I.  Going down into the water is truly the way back up to fullness with Christ.  Thank you Jesus for new life and love unending.

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  1. Lillers, I'm excited to hear about the YL exciting. I love reading your blog and I love YOU!