Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I invite you into my darkness.  Into my fear, my weakness, my sadness.  Depressing?  At times...  Beautiful?  If you read between the lines.  I am inviting you to look into the void and find the majesty and mystery that rests there.  No, it doesn't initially make sense, but the journey towards understanding will unfold.  The hope is to truly know more of Christ as I reveal more of myself.  He is found in my nothingness, in the deep places that I keep hidden, in the "just beneath the surface" part of my life.  That is where Jesus is.  
The recent days have held a grief beneath the surface of my life that lurks waiting for a moment to be released.  To be realized.  I haven't tried to forget about how I feel, I have done what I can to keep living which results in short term memory loss.  The moment I slow down for even a second I come crashing into the grief that rests in my heart.  I find comfort in my sorrow knowing very well that Jesus meets me there.  I feel very alone in my sorrow because all I want is to be with someone that understands.  That's why this is an open ended invitation.  
To escape my loneliness means I need to invite people into my void.  Into, my darkness, my fear, my weakness and sadness.  Out of these broken places grows hope.  It is in the valley where things grow and Lord I am asking you to grow me.  I cannot grow alone, thus community is welcomed in to water the loneliness with compassion and understanding, mercy and grace.  The body of Christ at work.  
So come friends.  Here we are together standing in the gaps for one another.  Doing for others what we cannot do alone, what they cannot do for themselves.  We are the body of Christ, come make my heart your home.  

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