Wednesday, May 12, 2010

January Depths

O Lord, hear my cry for mercy

Turn a listening ear my way

Save me from my shame and anger

Deliver me from my selfish ambition

You are my faithful friend

The one who never leaves me nor forsakes me

You guard me under your shadow

You have my best in mind

I have chosen to live by my own strength

I make my path and don’t follow yours

My ways are certainly not your ways

My selfish insecurities have turned my heart from you

But, You, O Lord, are my Rock and my Salvation

You have met me in the depths and have urged me into your presence

You are my hope and you provide strength

As much as I turn my back on You, You run towards me

You alone are everlasting love, the one true God

God of my life, deliver me from myself

Come quickly and make your way into my mess

Holy Spirit, shine your light on my dark places

Fasten yourself to my depths and remove my sin

Clean out the junk and restore righteousness

Strengthen me and uphold me in your love

I know you hear my call, you are only faithful

You have not left but given everything to me

I trust in who you are and am assured of your grace

I will tell of your grace, O Lord

I will sing of your faithfulness and your majesty

My heart will cry out the wonders of your name

You steadfast love endures forever

The Holy One of Israel, my beloved Savior

Give my heart words to praise you

Fill my mouth with songs of praise

As you reveal yourself to my weary soul

May your glory be reflected and be made known

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